Note: I instituted my own story, so don't take it as real!

Lost in a forest, John, can't manage to find his way out. "Nothing is impossible!" a word said to his mind. It has already been an hour finding his way out, but he continued to find his way out of the forest as that word entered through his brain. He couldn't find his way out, so he decided to give up. He sat on the ground, looking at trees until the next day as it was going to be morning. It was despondent finding his way out.

As he was sitting down on the ground, gazing at a tree, he saw something black and tall behind that tree. He predicted that it was a "building", so he went behind that tree. As he gets nearer to that building, it got more prodigious. "A mansion! Cool! I haven't seen one in my entire life! But of course, probably books or television programs or documentary films might show," John said. He entered the mansion, but before he could, he saw a note saying "Do not enter! This place was once a cemetery, and we believe that there are spirits around!". John thought it was complete "bullshit", but the repercussions are waiting for him. He walked closer and the more closer he is, the more creepier it is. The mansion also had a repulsive smell, almost making John puked, but luckily, he didn't and continued his way.

John walked in the hallway, but he couldn't see clearly as the light was "dark". As he walked more in the hallway, he got more frightened, but still continued his way. Suddenly, John heard a loud door that is being slammed. He looked behind, nothing. He turned back his head, only to find out a white figure was in front of him by 6 feet. John was hysterical! The white figure then vanished. John rushed to the mansion door, however, it was locked. Out of nowhere, the atmosphere got foggy. Then, he saw the same white figure walking down on the hallway stairs, without legs, but float instead. John was extremely frightened. He knew this was the consequences for entering this particular mansion. The white figure vanished again. John looked around for it, but couldn't find it. Then, the white figure went towards his face, making John scream. "Do not ever come to this mansion again, or you'll suffer more," said the white figure. The white figure disappeared for the last time and set John free by letting the gate not locked.

John slept for a few hours in the forest until morning arrived. He managed to find his way out through the forest, and he shall never forget the incident that happened to him.

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